Faux vintage photography

Here’s a thoughtful piece on faux vintage photography by Simon Sellars Nathan Jurgenson. I’ve been experimenting recently with a few of the apps he discusses here and there’s definitely some mileage in examining the use of old fashioned, analogue effects on digital photography. Sellars Jurgenson asks some interesting questions about our attitude to documenting our lives now that camera phones are ubiquitous. He could be right that this is just a fad but weren’t Polaroids, Lomography & numerous other photographic systems fads emulated by apps? I also wonder if Neil Young’s assertion that digitisation will cause a gigantic black hole in the history of recorded music will also apply to photography…

In the meantime I find it interesting to work within the limits of apps to see what kind of creative effects can be achieved without resorting to the use of pro applications like PhotoShop.

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